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Anna's Picture

Hi! My name is Anna Braden.  I am a self-taught artist and I have been creating art since I can remember but I have just realized my true passion in the last few years.  I am originally from Huntsville Alabama and currently live just outside of Huntsville in a small community called Madison.

   I began painting on canvas about 6 years ago and the very first piece I painted, a cat of course, I gave to my sister as a birthday present.  Pretty soon friends of my sisters inquired about the painting and before I knew it people were calling me wanting my artwork. I employ acrylic paints on canvas wood and cloth. My paintings are whimsical treatments of animals and humans that are fun and can bring a smile to anyone who sees my work.

   I consider myself an "outsider" artist for the most part because I was never taught how to do the styles that I currently create. I just kind of fell into doing it on my own from experimentation and trying new ideas to see what works. As you can tell, I am an animal lover especially a lover of cats and dogs so most of my paintings are of cats and dogs. 

   My pets throughout my life have been a great inspiration for my artwork as well as great companions.  I now have one cat and his name is Taz.   I recently have been branching out and painting other animals such as pigs, roosters, frogs, fish, giraffes, rabbits and people also.

I enjoy other activities also such as biking, trail running, snow skiing and competing in triathlons. My husband Gary is my biggest fan and my pit crew whether I am preparing for an arts festival or setting up for a triathlon.

Something that Iím very proud that my artwork has been exhibited in the French Quarter in New Orleans, Birmingham, AL, Huntsville, AL, Nashville, TN and Atlanta, GA.

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Some of my art influences are Michalopoulos, Mose Tolliver, Woodie Long and of course my friend Richard Lewis. Even though I work 40-50 hours a week at my ďday jobĒ painting is my passion.   With the assistance of my husband, Iíve been able to produce over 750 paintings on all types of materials to include canvas, metal, plywood, glass and pottery.  

   This is my first website so please enjoy and check back from time to time for new pieces and updates.    This is just a sampling of my paintings so please email me with any questions.


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